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Skanzen – The handicraft village museum

  • Picture of rural life, folk arts and crafts workshops museum;
  • In the mini village a small farmhouse was built as well. The traditional buildings are relatively the same age as the Basa Inn’s building and the new buildings were re-modeled to contemporary design;
  • The small village has 22 workshops, with real, authentic, strictly juried, handmade products.  Some products are juried by professional judges. If the product / handicraft corresponds the high-standards, it will receive a special certificate and can use the village logo. So this way we can guarantee that the products, arts and crafts purchased here are genuine.
  • In addition to seeing the exhibits, the work of traditional craftsman can be followed and even get a change to participate in different workflows as well;
  • All visitors have to possibility to purchase items as well.
  • During peak season, the village’s workshops are open to public every day between 09 AM and 18 PM. In the off-season, the museum and workshops can be visited based on appointments. Appointments can be made via phone: +40-749/427219 .

Visiting fee:

  • Adults: 5 ron
  • Students: 4 ron
  • Kids: 3 ron

In case of group visits, every 21st ticket is free.