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Along our journey we will get to know and admire the Carpathians full of fairy tail pines, the monuments and historical  relics of Northern Transylvania, and get to know a bit much about how the locals live around here.


Day 1:

We set off at dawn. (Recommended at min. 5 o’clock)

Along the way we will learn a little bit about:

  • Saint Ladislau Basilica and treasury, Kanon serie, from Oradea
  • Reformed Chursh with suspended ceiling from
  • Matthias Statue, Saint Mihai Cathedral from CLuj
  • We arrive at Borzont in the evening, after a trip of almost 14 hours. We check in and serve dinner. During the tour we have the opportunity to visit Cheile Turzii. Approximately 3 hours and 70 km.
Day 2:

After breakfast we get to visit the surroundings:

  • Catholic Church, with the renowned saint table, from Joseni;
  • The Monestary of Lazarea: The Franciscan Church, the outdoor sculpture park, the Lazar castle;
  • Ditrău: The Great Church;
  • Gheorgheni: Tarisznyás Márton Museum, the Catholic-Armenian Church, the high school and Salamon Ernő statue, walk to the Gacz monument.

After lunch we will take a trip to Lacu Rosu and CHeile Bicazului. Another option is climbing the Suhardu Mic mountain – approximately 3 hours.

Day 3:

Tour in Depresiunea Ciucului and Odorheiu Secuiesc:

  • Mures Spring:  Mureş fountain, the house and chapel of the martyr priest;
  • Siculeni: „Székelyvész” monument;
  • Şumuleu Ciuc: the Church and Statue of Virgin Mary;
  • Miercurea Ciuc: tour of the city, Mikó citadel, place of birth and art gallery of Zsögödi Nagy Imre;
  • Odorheiu Seciuesc: tour of the city, Hear of Jesus chapel;
  • Seiche:  Orbán Balázs grave and monument;
  • Lupeni: Tamási Áron place of birth and grave;
  • Corund: folk art fair;

There is also an alternative trip to Ghimes (from Miercurea Ciuc). You can visit Rákóczi castle and the railroad built here at the cection of the thousand years land, renovated in 2007. To Frumoasa you we have to go through Ghimes. Approximately 60 km more.

Day 4:

  • Praid: Salt mine.
  • Sovata: walk through the village and along Ursu Lake

Alternative programme: arriving at Basa Inn we can take a carriage ride through the forest. During the ride every participant will receive food and a bit of ‘’heart amplifier’’ (home made plum Palinka). When we arrive back at the inn a delicious Üvecs meal awaits. Musicians will play during the whole trip (extra payment).

Day 5:

After breakfast we leave for home where we arrive in the afternoon. We can also take the souther route. In this case we have the possibility of visiting the Hunedoara Castle. It is recommended that you take the cable till the Deva Castle. You can see the place of  pilgrimage of our fellow ancestors from Majsa, Máriaradna church. Route: Borzont, Praid, Bălăuşeri, Acăţari, Ungheni, Luduş, Unirea, Alba Iulia, Vinţu de Jos, Deva, Arad, Nădlac, Makó, Szeged, Kiskunmajsa.

Of course not all the programs are followed in a single trip. Selection is necessary. This is done before, but can be also changed during the trip.
The staff of Basa Inn wishes you relax and enjoy your vacation!