The Transilvanian traditional restaurant
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Eating is joy! Instinct and passion, pleasure and basic life need, which accompanies us from birth to grave.

– Brillant-Savarin, the great artist of life –

When we prepare the meal we have various rituals. Beside the much appreciated salt we also sprinkle care, passion, a drop of authenticity and put it all in the tradition oven to create only best quality delicious food.

Basa the godfather and his wife haven’t learned hospitality from books. They learned it in within a family of good, loving, hardworking people. Us, the successors, remain strict to their time and traditional taste of the Transylvanian food. Even if we offer you meals done guided by recopies more and more forgotten by time, we transformed and modernized the kitchen so it corresponds to the highest standards and the most delicate needs of all of our clients.

Our food is so good that we like to call it a story. You begin the trip on a mesmerizingly delicious road, full of twists and turns of flavors and aromas. To tell you the tales in the best manner we haven’t hidden behind doors, but work in a kitchen all of our guests can see.

We wish you to fully enjoy your meal and stay!