The Transilvanian traditional restaurant
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Basa Inn was built in 1897 and since then it functioned as a restaurant. Every inch of this place inspires tradition, remaining true to the details of the area and to the great ancestor, godfather Basa. We welcome you with a wide variety of traditional drinks and with authentic TransIlvanian meals. We wish to please our customers through careful and quick services, to feel as good as home and to come back gladly.

To transform your staying into a more pleasant one we organize carriage rides or sleight rides through the surrounding forests, to enjoy more the beautiful Gheorgheni area. We can hop into the carriage a few musicians, delicious food and plum Palinka.

You can cut wood, gather hay, live an ordinary day like normal people do, but at the end of the day you will be treated with a special “Üvecs” meal. Along with a steaming glass of wine, to end the day in a cheerful note.