The Transilvanian traditional restaurant
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Where else would our inn be positioned if not in the most extraordinarry setting. More exactly in Gheorgheni valley, between Gurghiu and Giurgeu mountains. You can take a nature break visiting Bucin, Amza mountain or Saca Mare mountains. In the distance you can take a glimpse of Calimani and Kis-Bükk peaks, guarded almost like a secret by the mist surrounding them. You couldn’t find a better place for a healthier calming vacation.

A long time ago, centuries ago, the entrance to the the valley was made through an important road for carriages. Through here they transported salt and wood from Paid to the surrounding villages and also thorugh here people got to the animals and merchandise fairs.

It’s so nice at our inn that the locals haven’t stopped caring deeply about us. They guide the ones with attention to details to pay us a visit.

“Who does not stop and enter the Basa Inn will most certainly loose its wheels.”