The Transilvanian traditional restaurant
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The Basa Inn

Where else would our inn be positioned if not in the most extraordinarry setting. More exactly in Gheorgheni valley, between Gurghiu and Giurgeu mountains. In every possible detail, the Inn tries to remain loyal to the beloved predecessor Godfather Basa. Our doors are always open to all of our guests!

Interesting programs

Mini village museum, traditional Transilvanian event with carriage ride, sleigh ride and carriage ride with picnic and traditional supper, rural accommodation, live music and delicacies. Alone or in groups, do not miss out any of our interesting, traditional, Transilvanian programs offered by Basa Inn.

Traditional gourmet

Breakfasts, soups, salads and side dishes, desserts, cow, chicken, piggy meat and vegetarian dishes await our customers. Our dishes are made from traditional recipes, after all, not only the ambiance of the restaurant, but also the gourmet remain faithful the the memory of its beloved predecessor Godfather Basa.

Basa Inn welcomes you!

Many stepped into our inn and we are sure they will keep visiting us, because they appreciate the delicious taste of our meals and the authentic vibe of our inn. Even if we are all about tradition we decided to create this website, so we can get in touch more easily.

In case you do not know our story you can take a peak at the history of our inn. We selected a series of photos in a gallery in which we tried to immortalize at least a part of this place’s charm.

Regarding the menu, it couldn’t be more richer or tastier. With dishes so delicious as soups, lamb, chicken, pork, beef, traditional desserts, all of them Transilvanian and tasty, we understand why you take your time when having to choose. But we wait patiently, like always, for you to find out  for yourselves that anything you choose will be amazingly tasty.

We decided to delight you with the charm of this area and organized some programs to make your staying here more special. Trips to the village museum, baking of home bread, carriage rides and sleigh rides through the forest, small details from our daily rural life so you can enjoy your holiday in the most authentic way.

We welcome you, as usual, with joy and delicious meals. We know that it’s so beautiful here that many are convinced we live in a far away magical place. That’s not true. Press CONTACT and see for yourselves.